Thursday, October 1, 2015

Praise report

God is on the move.  Here is a praise report of how God is working through a nurse in Singapore. 

Praise report:

1-2 years ago i prayed that one day we will have a bible study group in KTPH( hospital). Yesterday that was fulfilled. For the first time,4 of us nurses came together to study the book of John, shared our personal salvation stories and prayed for one another. 

About 3 months ago one saturday, we also had bible study at the ktph area together with  yishun care grp and we prayed that someday a group of believers will gather here and study together. 

We praise God for His presence. More of the desire He stirs in our heart to be deepened  in His Word and share the Truth, the Way and the Life. 

Continue to cover us in prayer as we reach out more medical/ non-medical/ filipinos and other nationalities! To Him be glory forever!!!


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